Army marks Day of Logistics Base

The Logistics Base is a key element of the managing of challenges as one of the main pillars in the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia, Deputy Minister of Defense Tiron Jajaga said Monday in his address at a ceremony marking May 20 – Day of the Logistics Base Unit at the “Ilinden” army barracks in Skopje.

The ceremony was attended by Army Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Vasko Gjurchinovski, army generals, representatives of the Defense Ministry and the General Staff, commanders and other guests.

In his speech, Jajaga spoke of the contribution of the Unit as an important segment of the Army.

“The Logistics Base and its personnel are actively contributing in every activity of the members of the Army both inside and outside of our country’s borders, whether with military drills or continued provision of logistical support of the units deployed in peacekeeping missions and in securing the southern border, as well as logistical support for the military drills and transiting of the NATO forces and our partner countries,” Jajaga said.

He stressed the professionalism and readiness of the members of the Logistics Base to provide logistical support to the Army’s units.

“Continue your professionalism because the success of your unit means the success of our entire Army, and we will continue to contribute to the provision of all necessary resources for your uninterrupted functioning,” the Deputy Minister said.

Army Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Gjurchinovski, and the Logistics Base Commander, Colonel Muharem Muharemi, also congratulated the Day of the Unit at the event.

The Logistics Base Unit marks May 20 in honor of the day on which the Razlovci Uprising, and the first logistical preparations for it, began.