Re-voting at seven polling stations for 2024 parliamentary elections

Re-voting for the 2024 parliamentary elections is taking place Wednesday at seven polling stations in the fifth and sixth election districts.

Re-voting in the fifth election district will take place at polling stations 1194 and 1202 in Krushevo, 1272 in Ohrid, 1470 and 1470/1 in Dolneni, and 1844 in Struga, while in the sixth election district at polling station 2101 in Zhelino.

A total of 4,521 voters are eligible to vote at these polling stations.

Infirm, inmates, persons in retirement homes voted on Tuesday at seven polling stations in the fifth and sixth election districts.

The State Election Commission (SEC) informed that the re-voting proceeded smoothly, without any reported irregularities.

Due to the repeat voting for the 2024 parliamentary elections in seven polling stations in the fifth and sixth election districts, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services informed national broadcasters and broadcasters airing programs in the Ohrid, Krushevo, Struga, Dolneni, and Zhelino regions yesterday that they are subject to election silence obligations, which started at midnight and will last until 7 pm on May 22, 2024.

The decision for the re-voting was made by the State Election Commission (SEC) after the Administrative Court dismissed all seven lawsuits filed by the European Front coalition against the decisions of the SEC.

Due to the decision of the Administrative Court and the SEC, DUI accused that electoral engineering is being conducted aimed at taking away two parliamentary seats won by the party. SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE are hopeful that if the voting results in these seven polling stations are altered, they would secure an extra seat in Parliament.

The State Election Commission presented certificates of election on Tuesday to candidates who won a seat in Parliament at the May 8 parliamentary elections.