Outdoor air compressors to be used in outdated ORs until investigation is over: minister

Operating rooms (OR) at Skopje’s clinical complex had been built almost 30 years ago, Health Minister Ilir Demiri told a news conference Monday, adding that outdoor air compressors will be used until a valid document for their proper functioning is obtained.

A defect in the compressor station has caused the problem, according to the minister, who also said that analyzes from Germany are pending as well as an investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

“Until the analyzes from Germany arrive, the surgical center will use outdoor air compressors,” Demiri said adding that six compressors have been procured that will be used during emergency, more complicated surgeries.

Emergency cases will be redirected to two other general hospitals in Skopje.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office will investigate whether any wrongdoing has been committed with the ORs at the Mother Teresa Clinical Complex in Skopje being out of order. According to initial reports, the ORs remain closed partly due to the fact that unpleasant odor has been spreading through the ventilation system and due to an issue with oxygen supply.