Judicial Council adopts new communication strategy in line with EU peer review mission recommendations

At a session Monday the Judicial Council unanimously adopted the Communication Strategy of the Judicial Council of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Courts of the Republic of North Macedonia (2024-2028) with an Action Plan.

Judicial Council president Vesna Dameva said the new strategy fulfills four of the recommendations noted in the EU peer review mission’s report, and that it is harmonized with the National Development Policies and is compatible with the commitments for an open judiciary.

“With the adoption of such a significant document, high European communication standards will be adopted at all levels of the judiciary, starting from the Judicial Council,” Dameva said.

According to Dameva, the Communication Strategy outlines all activities that the Judicial Council and the courts have to take in the coming period in order for the public to have access to timely and comprehensible information related to the process of adopting decisions in the judiciary.

“Judges must and should be more transparent with the media, the same applies to the Judicial Council as well, since the judges make decisions in the name of the citizens and our work is in the name of the citizens, while one of the fundamental rights is the right of the citizens to be informed,” Dameva said.

At the session, Supreme Court president Besa Ademi stressed that communication with the public, citizens, media and civil society organizations plays a big role in the protection of the integrity of the judges, as well as in the protection of the judiciary from external influence.