David Geer in Tetovo: EU willing to work with anyone advancing country’s EU integration

European Union Ambassador in North Macedonia David Geer said Thursday that following the democratic elections a new government would be formed in North Macedonia and the EU was open to cooperating with any political parties advancing the country’s European integration processes, MIA’s Tetovo correspondent reports.

Declining to comment on the ongoing negotiations for the new government composition, Ambassador Geer said the elections were “obviously democratic and peaceful.”

He added that the EU was willing to work with politicians who would make progress on the country’s path to the EU by implementing reforms and taking the necessary steps that would bring the country as soon as possible into the EU.

Responding to a reporter’s question if the EU Delegation was talking to any parties to advocate for the EU perspective of the country, Geer said they were in communication with everyone but that the government formation was not a process the EU was involved in.

He added that almost all political parties in their election campaigns had set a clear pro-EU agenda promising they would move the country forward toward the EU.

The EU Ambassador was in Tetovo to give a lecture on EU Enlargement at the Tetovo University.