British intel: Russian public’s support for Ukraine war waning

British intel: Russian public’s support for Ukraine war waning

Support from the Russian public for the war in Ukraine “is falling significantly,” Britain’s Defence Ministry said in its daily bulletin on Sunday, citing recent polling in Russia.

“With Russia unlikely to achieve major battlefield successes in the next several months, maintaining even tacit approval of the war amongst the population is likely to be increasingly difficult for the Kremlin,” it said.

The British ministry pointed to a report by an independent Russian media outlet which claimed access to data collected by Russia’s Federal Protective Service for internal use.

“The data indicated 55% of Russians favour peace talks with Ukraine, with only 25% claiming to support continuing the conflict,” the ministry said, without identifying the Russian media outlet.

At the start of the war, around 80% of Russians had supported what the Kremlin terms a “special military operation,” the ministry said.

The British Defence Ministry has published information sourced from the country’s intelligence services since the war began at the end of February with the aim of countering Russian reports and of boosting backing for Ukraine in the West.

Moscow accuses London of a campaign of disinformation.