Budget for culture ministry increased by 15.4% in 2017

Budget for culture ministry increased by 15.4% in 2017

The budget of the Ministry of Culture in 2017 amounts MKD which is larger than the 2016 budget by MKD 546.198.000 or representing an increase of 15.43 percent.

Moreover there is an increase of funds amounting to MKD 893.367.000 aimed at financing projects of national interest in the music and drama activities, library activities, protection of cultural heritage, museum and promotion of Macedonian culture abroad.

The new concert hall of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, Strumica Theater and reconstructed Albanian Theatre in Skopje are to be promoted in 2017.

Also construction activities of Turkish Theatre, Cultural and Education Centre in Tetovo, reconstruction of Universal Hall, construction of new facilities of Drama Theatre and Comedy Theatre and reconstruction of the premises used by institutions in Ohrid are to continue. Projects in the sphere of protection of cultural heritage will continue to be realized.

Next year, Culture Ministry will continue with the purchase of art works and gallery format-sculptures aimed at stimulating domestic folk and pop music as well as classical music.