Start of reconstruction works at Heraclea Lyncestis site in Bitola

A press conference will be held at the archaeological site Heraclea Lyncestis in Bitola municipality to mark the start of reconstruction works on Heraclea Lyncestis archaeological site, supported by the European Union.

EU Ambassador Samuel Žbogar, Minister of Local Self-Government Goran Milevski, Bitola Mayor Natasha Petrovska, and Bitola Museum Director Meri Stojanova will address the event, the EU Delegation said in a press release.

The project is implemented under the European Union’s cross border cooperation programme between North Macedonia and Albania and its total budget is 704,590.00 EUR, of which some 600,000 EUR are provided by the EU.

The project includes reconstruction of Heraclea Lyncestis, in order to preserve the site for the next generations, but also increasing of its approachability and contents, in order to make the site more attractive for visitors. The second part of the project, implemented in Pustec, Albania, is focused on establishing new exhibition space, “Sterjo Spase” Museum, in order to protect and promote cultural heritage in Municipality of Pustec.

“Soon, EU will launch a new call for proposals under the CBC programme with Albania. The intention is to fund cross border projects submitted by municipalities, NGOs and local institutions in the field of environment, climate change adaptation and mitigation, risk prevention and management, tourism and cultural and natural heritage, competitiveness, development of business and small- and medium-sized enterprises, trade and investment. The total allocated funds for this call is around 5 million euros,” stated the press release.